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Athletes Foot– One of the most common conditions on the skin of the foot that a Podiatrist in Beaver sees every day. From Teenage athletes to runners to our aged veterans athletes foot is umbiquitous!

Athletes foot is a fungal infection of the skin of the foot. It is EVERYWHERE! And it loves the warm dark moist sneakers that are worn all day.

tinea pedis

Athlete’s foot between toes

There are two common types of athletes foot infections; Acute athletes foot and Chronic athletes foot. Acute athletes foot has red little pimples or blisters and are red , itchy or burning. this is found between toes, on the bottom and sides of the feet and can even creep up your legs. In older athletes, or vets who suffered trench foot in the war, the condition is often Chronic. This appears as dry scaly feet, sometimes white and scaling. Often the chronic athletes foot is mistaken as dry feet and can cause very painful cracked heels.






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