Foot Odor and Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Feet and Foot odor Treatments, Pittsburgh

Foot odor with sweaty feet Treatments

Child with smelly shoes and foot odor

Foot odor– Corynebacterium is a common cause and creates a terrible smell as it releases Sulfer compounds. Anyone spending long hours in hot sweaty boots is at risk- our military, farm workers, football or soccer players. Your Podiatrist will most likely prescribe a topical antibiotic and recommend antiperspirant be applied to the feet after your daily shower and washing with an antimicrobial cleanser. ( see hyperhydrosis). 


Treatments for Foot odor with sweaty feet Pittsburgh

Bacteria on sweaty feet can cause foot odor

Hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet) – Condition in which one excessively sweats in or around the feet. Patients with anemia or hyperthyroidism usually experience hyperhidrosis. If this becomes a problem and a patient is uncomfortable, there are several treatment options available including antiperspirants, oral medications, Botox and surgery.


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