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Treatment of Fungal Toenails in Pittsburgh, PA 

Fungus nails–  Toenail fungus can be very embarrassing. Fortunately, there is laser treatment available for this condition. Laser treatments for toenail fungus removal were first approved by the Food and Drug Administration back in 2010. Health care professionals at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic can use several types of lasers to remove the toenail fungus. Laser treatments are popular for toenail fungus removal because they destroy and heat the harmful fungi, but they keep the healthy tissue intact.

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Toenail Fungus treated with Laser Cranberry Twp Pa

What are Thickened Nails? Abnormally thick or crumbling nails may be caused by injuries, pressure from shoes, fungal infections, or conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis, or vascular disease. With regular care in our office, often covered by insurance if you are at risk, can help prevent many problems from arising with these conditions.


Not all toe nail infections are caused by fungus. (Although 95% are) The rest are caused by molds, yeasts, saprophytes… 

Candida (a yeast) often causes a bright red paronychia ( skin around the nail infection). there coulds even be white fluid collections of what looks like pus. 

Molds are often found on people with really sweaty warm feet. Your Podiatrist can get you the correct product for your type of infection.



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