Ingrown Toenail Treatment Pittsburgh

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenail treatment, Ingrown toenail picture, picture of Ingrown toenail, treatment of Ingrown toenail

Ingrown Toenail Image

If you get recurring ingrown or infected toenails, the local Pittsburgh Podiatrists at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic have a simple 5 minute office procedure to permanently kill ingrown toenails at the root of the problem! With locations including foot clinics Moon Township, Cranberry, Ambridge and Beaver foot doctors offices, we can conveniently offer same day appointments to get you out of pain quickly and easily.

Ingrown toenail permanent border removal (matrixectomy)

Ingrown toenail picture, picture of Ingrown toenail, treatment of Ingrown toenail, Ingrown toenail image

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

We lightly numb the toe near the ingrown toenail, so you don’t feel a thing. Then using a bluntly protected nail clipper that is specially designed to protect your nail bed { unlike express clinics and primary physicians offices} just a few millimeters of the ingrown nail border are removed. (Never let anyone remove your whole nail -unless you don’t want it to ever come back normally) then using a small q-tip dipped in a special solution, the root of the ingrowing nail is permanently killed, with out hurting your surrounding skin. This is then flushed out with a neutralizing solution and wrapped up with antibiotic ointment and gauze, and you are back into your shoes immediately! Over the next few weeks you are encouraged to soak your toe or shower and rinse with warm water, and cover it with antibiotic ointment and a band-aid.

That’s it! No more ingrown toenail! (with a 90%+ effectiveness, this is our most popular permanent ingrown toenail treatment at our  Pittsburgh foot clinics) risks of infection are minimized by following our good post op instructions

Ingrown Toenails can be painful, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your day. Call now 878-313-FEET (3338)


FAQ about ingrown toenails:

What causes an ingrown toenail in Beaver PA?

Tight socks, pressure from shoes, sports like soccer, family predisposition, and incorrect trimming are all causes of ingrown toenails.

How do I know if I have an ingrown toenail in Moon Twp?

You know if you have an ingrown toenail if the side of the nail is pushing into the skin of the toe and hurts. If you let it go on, the skin on the side of the toenail may start to get red and swollen. Then the infection can get much worse if not treated.

How do you prevent ingrown toenails in Pittsburgh PA?

5 ways to prevent an ingrown toenail are: to wear wide comfortable shoes, avoid tight stockings, if you play sports or run then keep your nails shorter, never pick or pull the skin around your nail, and if you are older or have odd shaped nails, you should have your nails cut by a Podiatrist in Pittsburgh like Dr Teimouri DPM.

How can I cure an ingrown toenail?

The best cure for an ingrown toenail is visiting your local podiatry clinic in Ambridge who treats ingrown toenails. Until you get there, soak your foot in either warm soapy water or epson salts for ten- fifteen minutes twice a day. Sometimes gently trimming the tip of the corner once it is soft can alleviate symptoms for a very short time; however, continuing to do this with out eventual professional care often leads to a spicule, or sharp piece of nail, that is stuck inside that continues to grow out of your reach, making matters much worse. Last, after soaking, apply antibiotic ointment and a band aid daily.

What are the Symptoms of an ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenail symptoms include pain, swelling, redness, possibly a foul odor (that’s when you know its bad), and in severe cases something called granulomatous tissue- overgrown bleeding very painful tissue growing over the side of the nail, making it very large and UGLY! If this is you call us right now …898-313-3338!

What can I do about my ingrown toenail?

The Best thing you can do for your ingrown toenail is see your podiatrist specializing in ingrown nails, like Dr Teimouri DPM. She is kid friendly and knows they are scared and need special treatment. Also she will wait until it is totally numb and never rush you. Third, as a woman she knows that you want your nail to LOOK good after it’s healed. This attention to detail makes our Podiatrist one of the best Podiatrist in Pittsburgh to fix an ingrown toenail.






How do you fix ingrown toenails?

Some treatments a Podiatrist in Wexford or Mars  may use to fix an ingrown toenail include lightly numbing the area and removing the ingrown border with a specially formed tool that protects the skin around it. If the toe is infected, enough nail is removed to help relieve pain immediately and allow the infection to go away. An oral antibiotic is also often prescribed, especially for diabetic patients to help resolve the infection. Once the infection has cleared your podiatrist in Hopewell or surrounding area will discuss whether or not a permanent border procedure is recommended.

Will cutting a V in my ingrown toenail Cure it?

Cutting a ‘V’ in an ingrown toenail is an old wives tale that does not work. You are just delaying real treatment and may allow the infection time to worse, making the treatment more difficult and harder to heal. 

How do you get rid of ingrown toenails permanently?

image of ingrown toenail surgery Sewickley PA, picture of fixing an ingrown toenail for good Center Twp pa

Straight edge of an ingrown toenail 3 months after it was permanently fixed north hills

You can get rid of only by having it treated by a Foot Doctor. There is a simple 5 minute procedure we can do in our Podiatry office in North Hills or any of our Podiatry clinics in the Pittsburgh area to painlessly, permanently remove just a few millimeters of the ingrown nail border and kill the root so it never grows back again. This is done with s soft gentle Q-Tip dabbed in a special medicine and applied to the nail root, killing it, the rest of the nail is not harmed and will look straight and normal once it is healed.


What are the causes of an infected ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails are often caused by incorrectly cutting down the sides of normal nails or ripping the skin or hang nails on the nail borders. Another cause of an ingrown nail is kids at school stepping on toes (intentionally or unintentionally). The biggest cause of the worst infected nails is a person who tries to dig out their own slightly ingrown nail, making it much much worse. Come see your Podiatrist in moon for ingrown toenail treatment as soon as symptoms start, saving you a lot of pain and suffering.


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