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Laser Cosmetics and Hair Removal Pittsburgh Area

Whether its unsightly toenail fungus, hairy toes and legs, a regrettable tattoo, painful heel or ball of foot, or an ugly spreadable wart on your foot… We have the Best Laser in Pittsburgh to fix your problem!

Wear sandals again, NO more shaving!


Beaver Valley Foot Clinic & Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa (our sister company) specialize in cosmetic services in 10 locations in Western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh and Cranberry Twp.

Body Beautiful and Beaver Valley Foot Clinic focus on patients health and well-being while giving you many ways to improve and cosmetically enhance your image. Services such as hair removal, toenail fungus, Botox, Fillers and Photofacials are some of our specialties.

Female leg with a sea horse tattoo, isolated on white

Not feeling that tattoo you got as a teen?

Below the knee foot and ankle tattoos can be removed with laser comfortably at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic.  To have any body part treated with laser tattoo removal. We are one of very few Pittsburgh tattoo removal clinics with the PICOSURE Laser tattoo removal system which removes more colors in less than half the time!

Call Body Beautiful 724-987-3221 for an appt!

Tattoo removal pittsburgh, Picosure laser tattoo removal Wexford

Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal & Laser Hair Removal available at Body Beautiful


Check out some of our top cosmetic services!

Laser Hair Removal monroeville

laser hair removal of the leg Beaver

Remove unsightly hair from toes, legs, neck, chest, back, underarms, lip, chin, ears, bikini line and Brazilian!



Call Beaver Valley Foot Clinic for a consultation with our Board Certified Podiatrist, Dr Christina Teimouri DPM, for a thorough examination and diagnosis of your foot problem. She will then advise you of your many options to care for your foot problem. Most visits are covered by insurance. She can explain how laser treatment of foot problems can help you. 878-313-FEET (3338)

Pittsburgh laser toenail treatment

before and after pictures laser toenail fungus treatment


Before and after photos of toenail fungus treated with lasers. We have 4 Foot Clinics with Laser Treatment in Beaver, Butler, and Allegheny Counties and 10 Body Beautiful locations with lasers for toenail fungus in Pittsburgh for your convenience!


Antifungal Nail Polish Monroeville

Antifungal Nail Polish Cranberry


After your treatment show off your toes with Danipro Antifungal Toenail Polish to inhibit the regrowth of fungus in toenails. See our Product page for many other products to treat your feet.



Kid Friendly Lasers to Treat Plantar’s Warts!

picture of laser treatment for wart Center twp

Plantars wart on foot before laser treatment Moon Twp

after picture of laser treatment for warts Ross Park

Laser treatment of plantar’s wart after treatment Moon Twp


See our BVFC Podiatrist to comfortably Zap! away painful and contagious verruca on your families feet. Covered by insurance…

Many options available!


 Now... Advanced Laser Systems

@ Beaver Valley Foot Clinic!

Picture of the Plantar Fascia Center Twp

Image of the Plantar Fascia Cranberry

Treat heel pain and inflammation with K-Laser technology. Painful tendonitis, ball of foot pain, arthritis can all benefit by laser therapy.

Every day advances are made in cold laser therapies. see what cutting edge technology is available at our foot clinics in Beaver, Cranberry Twp, Moon township and Ambridge Foot Clinics.


Ball of Foot Pain Center Twp, Ball of Foot Pain Greentree

Ball of Foot Pain Cranberry

Our “Healing Power of Light, lasers options are very versatile, have various settings designed to penetrate different tissue depths and types. Protocols consist of about 4-10 treatments and maintenance as needed.  You may experience pain relief really quickly – its very get all the benefit from the biostimulatory properties by following through with full course of sessions for optimal care. The treatment is painless, many patients report a warm, sensational feeling during treatment.  The highly advanced system has greatly reduced the size in typical lasers that have come before it.  Sessions typically last 12-20 minutes.


K Laser Treatments: at Body Beautiful

724-987-3221 10 locations to serve you

Cold Laser treatment of back pain Pittsburgh

pain laser treatment for Neck Pain Moon Twp


  • Body Aches and Pains
  • Foot pain – Shinsplints, Plantar Fasciitis, etc.
  •  Hairline Fractures
  • Toenail Fungus
  • Treating sprains (wrists or ankles)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Joint Stiffness or Knots
  • Overextended ligaments or tendons
  • Phantom Pains (such as in a removed limb)
  • Sciatica, Bursitis, Herniated, Bulged or Degenerative Discs
  • Musculoskeletal conditions like lower-back pain



Laser and spider vein treatment Pittsburgh

Advanced Vein Center


Laser Treatment for varicose veins and spider veins, Pittsburgh area locations.



Varicose Vein Treatment versus Spider Vein Treatment – the most advanced vein clinic, Pittsburgh

A Simple Safe Way to Feel Good About Your Legs Again.

Are you concerned that you are no longer able to hide the Vericose Veins & Spider Veins that have started to appear on your legs?

Are you afraid your  leg veins will look like your parents  varicose leg veins?

Would you like a simple, safe vein treatment, covered by insurance, to feel good about your legs again?

At Beaver Valley Foot Clinic’s Advanced Vein Center – It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Call 724-987-3220


Best botox injector, Cranberry Twp

Botox injections Cranberry Twp

For info on Botox, Juvederm, skin tightening and other Cosmetic face and Body Treatment. 

Call Body Beautiful today                 724-987-3221



Image dornier epos ultra machine for ESWT Pennsylvania

Dornier Epos Ultra Shockwave Machine, Pittsburgh Pa

Now Introducing ESWT for plantar fasciitis! Not light waves but sound waves  are used to gently break up scar tissue and chronic inflammation and jump start healing of Painful heel pain  or achilles tendonitis call us at 878-313-FEET (3338)

For people that have tried and failed all Conservative therapy and for whom surgery is the only option left…Try ESWT!


Any other questions? Would you like to schedule SMT to come to your office?

Please contact us if you have any other questions about  ESWT for tennis elbow,shoulders,neuromas… 

 call Rich at 724.991.0116 or




To talk to our Foot Doctor in Pittsburgh area or have Tattoo removal pittsburgh, Picosure laser tattoo removal Wexfordinsurance questions or just want more information about Cosmetic  Foot Care in Pittsburgh, call now to schedule an appointment  878-313-FEET (3338)



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