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 Dr. Tina Wound Care

Dr. Tina Wound Care

Gentle, Fast Relief with Proper Wound Care

Are you suffering from pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers and diabetic foot sores or other open foot wounds or leg wounds? If a painful or infected foot or lower leg wound is bothering you, do not wait any longer to contact the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic. Our caring and experienced experts can help with all of your wound care. From necessary wound dressings to needed pain 

Information on Wound Care Treatment:

Our wound care specialist will evaluate each wound and choose the appropriate wound care products and  wound care dressings for your own personal wound care management. Under most insurances wound care supplies,  depending on the types of wound will be covered and can be sent to your house.

At Beaver Valley foot Clinic’s wound care clinic, we have wound care centers at 4 convenient locations. 


Q. What is a wound? 

 Wound care pictures

Wound care pictures

  • A. Wound care definition –  is a break or  opening  of the skin. The epithelium loses its protective functions after injury.

Q. What factors affect wound care healing?

  • A. Some of the factors that determine the chances of your wound healing are:
  1. General nutrition and hydration
  2. Presence of infection and judicious/ appropriate use of antibiotics
  3. relief of pressure and friction off the ulcer
  4. Use of at home wound care, training, wound care supplies, wound care nurses, home visits if necessary
  5. Wound control of drainage, preventing further breakdown

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic Offers Proper Wound Care & Foot Care!

  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Venous Ulcers
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers & Management
  • General Open Wound Care (Diabetic and Non-Diabetic)

Realities of Foot Pain, Discomfort and Treatment Avoidance

The reality of your foot discomfort or pain is this: it needs treated properly or else the pain and its problem source will amplify and worsen. Not only that, if you are dealing with a medical issue that your wounds are a result of, such as Diabetes, it is only more imperative that you seek the help of the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, ASAP.

“ The last place I went, they sort of blew me off when what they were doing wasn’t working. I felt like they thought it was my fault.”
”I’ve had fairly severe ulcers on my heels for a good while now. My doctors started telling me that parts of my foot might need to be amputated if things got worse! Needless to say I was scared and looking for options when a friend told me I should talk to Dr. T- she had helped him with some pretty severe ulcers before.
” I got the impresssion right away that she had lots of experience with these sorts of ulcers, and this made me feel a lot better immediately. My confidence wasn’t misplaced- for the first time in 1 1/2 years my feet are getting better.”
— Warren D

We Also Help with Diabetic Ulcers & Wound Care

We even specialize in diabetic wound care. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that effects how the body uses and produces insulin. Effecting millions of people each year, it also ranges in severity depending on the individual. Some diabetes suffers may develop diabetic ulcers, which are open sores that form when pressure prevents blood flow to the skin. Specifically, with diabetes-related wounds, when left untreated by podiatrists and wound care nurses , these pressure wounds (or ulcers) can go from painful, to limb-threatening.

Find Relief, All-Around, with Our Beaver County and Pittsburgh Foot Specialists

General wound care centers can often be very expensive, causing you to prolong wound care and treatment. But let neither foot pain nor the worry of receiving an expensive medical bill, keep you off of your feet. Similar wound care can be coordinated in our offices for a fraction of the cost. Also keep in mind that our doctors of podiatry, because of the specialty, are often the best trained physicians to treat your pain and care for your wounds.

“I have a condition called Venous Insufficiency, which prevents blood from getting to the veins, causing tissue to break down, and leading to ulcers and sores, which, because of the poor circulation, heal so slowly that, at times, I’ve had them last for six months. Dr. Tina has been treating me for these ulcers for awhile; but, many times, while the wounds appeared to be healing on the surface, they didn’t go away completely. But, because she never gives up on searching for newer, better treatments, she’s now using a medication that, besides greatly accelerating the healing process for my wound, has healed it thoroughly.

This has made such a big difference in my life, because I used to have to have my leg – or legs – bandaged all of the time, sometimes for days, so just taking a shower was a big hassle. Even worse, the ulcers would sometimes seep right through my Unna boot (a light, medicated bandage that forms a soft cast) to my clothes, which was very unpleasant, especially when I was out in public.

So, this has improved my life tremendously; but, more than just the process and the medication, it’s Dr. Teimouri herself. A lot of doctors come into the room, get some information, treat you, and that’s it; but with her, it’s like talking to a friend. In fact, it’s almost like your next door neighbor is dropping by to see how you are, but then she treats you, too! She’s immensely caring and compassionate
— Paul Strano

Trust in Dr. Teimouri; Trust in the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

Contact the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic now for more information on managing and properly caring for open wounds. You deserve to walk without wound-care pain and discomfort. To schedule an appointment call 878-313-3338 or visit Dr. Teimouri and her experienced staff in person at one of the conveniently located Beaver Valley Foot Clinics. Begin the steps to proper wound care and pain relief. Trust in Dr. Teimouri and the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic to care for all of your foot discomforts!